Submenu back button

Sorry to bring up old stuff, however I wanted to ask about the old sub menu back button. @kate is reconfiguring the menu and she’s using submenus for some of our bar options. Is there any way to either:

(1) Configure a custom button in the sub menu to go to back to the main menu category or

(2) Put all the default options into a “Home” sub menu and have the category button default to the first sub menu?

Some of our staff gets confused that to get out of the sub menu you need to click the main category again.

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Quoting myself here, haha. The easiest solution is to assign all products to a submenu. You can call it ‘Back’ or Home if you want.

While we know that servers can always click the main category button, it may make more sense to give all items a submenu if they’re having a hard time with that.

Same here, if its a big category like spirits I usually include a popular/most used sub category first and double up those items to be in their specific category too.