Submitted time on ticket lister **RESOLVED **

at the moment I have the following displayed on our ticket lister


is it possible to get this to show time ticket submitted and not time created


I think {TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status} will work. It will display minutes passed since Status state gets updated.

Thanks @emre I’ve made the change and will put it to the test today!

Thank you


@emre HI Emre I have added that line but the time doesn’t change - it starts with no number then goes to 1 but doesn’t increase with time. The total layout is as follows :-

[<T>Table - {ENTITY NAME:Table}]
[<C00>Waitress:{USER NAME}]
<J00>Time:{TICKET TIME} Duration {TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}|Ticket No:{TICKET NO}


<J00>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

@emre please ignore this as new release appears to have fixed this too! time is now updating and displaying as expected!

I thought this was resolved but it appears that we were getting orders out quicker than the time could update :slight_smile:

When the duration displays it shows fine up to 9 mins and then just shows duration as 1 whne it gets to 20 mins it changes to 2 so I’m guessing that only the first digit is being displayed on the ticket … example 12 minutes displays as ‘1’ 13 minutes displays as ‘1’ 20 minutes displays as ‘2’ 23 minutes displays as ‘2’ etc etc .
Hopefully should be a quick fix for a genius like you :smile:

Try formatting it with [=F(TN(’{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status}’))]

Thanks for that - however that just displayed the time as 1.00 and the 00 value never changed! I have now discovered that the problem was that the ticket display wasn’t wide enough to fit the 2 digits! so was a simple fix by making the displayed ticket format wider :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion.


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Ah yeah now that I think about it… all that would do is show the decimal. Which is pointless for what you want.