Submitting Empty Ticket

I know tasks is going to be the response but while thinking about an improved logging system I would really like to use ticket log rather than tasks for a clean interface and since logs can be reported that side of things.
However if all orders are cancelled and ticket closed as we know no ticket is submitted. I understand how some want this to preserve ticket numbers/ids but was woundering if there were a way to still submit the ticket.
If all orders were moved a ticket would remain and be empty.
If nothing else I could hack with a ‘holder’ 0 priced product added on before ticket close if order count =0, perhaps also adding something to check the log for the above scenario and make selecting a table (and creating a ticket that way) didnt do this.
Any one have any ideas?

Why not try to improve a method around tasks so you get the clean interface you mentioned?

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Open to ideas, I just like the built in log display within ticket.
Done very little with tasks so not sure how would be a good way to have that same type of display.
tasks would need report expression so can only think of either report widget on entity screen or print. Popup/as question would likely be messy/not as clear.

You could use the display and maybe Create a task same time.

Sorry kendash, not sure I follow what you mean?

You can save ticket on each order added event. So you’ll only allow voids. No cancels.


Might check is save ticket after cancel does anything, if not your point does come to another thought I had about not using cancel anyway and instead having something like void but for new orders which rather than cancelling in the traditional way actually leaves them in but uses the ODI and state slow of VOID, probably with a different state format to distinguish the two different things more clearly - still calling it cancel though.
Plus this method would also resolve the closing empty ticket issue too and automatically add a cancelled order count/value to work period report given its using states.

Saying that on my switch user setup I made a state format which made size 1 and transparent colour to make already submitted orders which had been held seem to be cancelled, if I used that user flow would remain pretty much identical, canceled tickets would be saves as the cancelled orders are still there but hidden.

So use tasks. It is great for logging or storing secondary user passwords. It is a kind of internal database. You can prepare a special log viewer screen. You can list tickets on one side, logs for the ticket next to them. Maybe it will be better than displaying logs inside ticket.


As two widgets on an entity screen you mean, liking that idea.
I know tasks are more powerful but was struggling to picture a way of reviewing them which was clean.

On latest update I added Add Task, Update Task actions so it is easier to use than before. Add with Add Task, Update with Update Task and read with REPORT TASK DETAILS. That’s it