Subtract two Entity Fields

Hi Guys,

I have two Entity Fields that record a start time and a finish time of an employee

So the Format of the two fields records the Date and the Time using {DATE}{TIME}

Is it possible to subtract the two fields to give me a total hours they have worked and have this information in another Field?



Not sure if there is a helper for this or not. Dates can be aquard without helpers.
If nothing else you should be able to do with a script, convert each to timestamp, and the difference will be milliseconds you can divide down to give hours.

We have a nice default timeclock Emre built just before he passed. If interested I can share it.

Thanks Jesse ive had a look unfortunately the system im using it for is very specific and the default timeclock doesnt work for my setup. Its fine guys ill have a play around and see what i can make happen.

Its all part of the fun.

Thanks alot


What is specifically unique? We can modify it to fit your needs.