Sugestion Regarding Inventory

I’m sorry if this have been asked before, but I search the word “inventory”, but does not have the one I was looking for.

I was using samba pos since 2.X and haven’t try 3.X because it has all the feature I was looking for.
However, as time pass by, I think we need some feature add regarding inventory.

1> It would be nice to have a reminder of the critical number of item we have in our inventory.
For example: I bought 100 bottles of coke, and I want a reminder when the coke is less than a certain amount, let’s say 20.
Thus, I will know when to order coke again. This would be critical if we have a lot of items.

2> Some item that we bought has an expiration date. It would be nice if we can input those expiration date as well and has a reminder when the item is near expiration date. Also it would be nice the the inventory list can be sort base on expiration date as well.

Basically, that’s all I want to suggest regarding the inventory!

If anyone think this is a good idea, please say something please !

ps: i repost this after i posting on v 3.X since I noticed the last activity on that forum was on december 2013, but I think this feature would also be good in 4.X

Thanks for your time !!!

1… On the todo list

2… Honestly, I have never seen a system that handles product expiration actually work for small business. Multi-million dollar warehouse, yes because there are dedicated staff.
Running inventory control is great when you are dedicated to keeping it up to date including wastage. But I have seen many systems fail because people rely so heavily on them they forget to actually go and physically check stock levels and rotate perishable stock.
Always backup a good inventory system with staff training and procedures to make sure that the system is actually worth the effort to maintain.

For the question number 2, it did happened to me. I bought coke on a large sum because they have a promotion. I though we all drink coke, so why not stock up. Little that I know that even coke has expiration date. As time goes by, my bussiness hit a low months due to economic depression. I later realize when a customer told me that my coke already expired. Bam, it likes a hit on my face. I know I should have check it periodically, but when your bussiness slow, you gotta think something to boost the sale, thus I forgot to check all the inventory expiration date. I mean it would be nice to have it. Anyway, thanks for the fast reply and explanation!

ps: worker on my country have a bad habbit. They never remember what they have to do and I have to keep remaind them every time.


The option to input the expiration date is great and being able to set your reminder when you would like to be reminded when it’s that time to lower the price on some items

Inputting exp dates in would add up to a very reasonable amount of time inputting data of purchases.
In hospitality I have never been able to justify the labor time required to process an inventory system.
Maybe for wet stock but a restaurant?!? That’s a lot of small ingredient items and complicated recipe setup on software - makes my head hurt thinking about it.
Retail I can completely understand how valuable it would be…
Would be intrigued to hear from any restaurant/kitchen which has successfully implemented a stock system on an ingredient level and how much time they have to put it to keep it up to date?