Suggest me a caller id Device

I just bought a generic usb data fax modem from amazon, said it support caller id, but unfortunatily it is not working,
there is no voice support for modem.
Anyone please suggest me a good and low cost device:wink: which is available on amazon,

I dont know if you can find it on amazon or not but I wouldn’t use anything but this brand. They are the best IMO. Maybe others have other suggestions that I am not familiar with.

Which country are you in? I’ve bought a few USB modems from Amazon and they work fine and they’re cheap. Definitely using a USB modem is your cheapest route to use Caller ID.

Also, when you say it doesn’t work - exactly what doesn’t work? They don’t just work out of the box - you usually need to enable Caller ID on them (there is a specific set of commands you send to the modem). Then, you will usually need to customise the settings in SambaPOS so it can capture the incoming call number. If it says it supports Caller ID it very likely does, but needs to be enabled.

Cheap USB modems are not for voice. Anyway, why would you need voice support? You have a phone for that…

Hi, Bahrain. Actually when I installed the driver it shows only data fax modem.
And I used putty to open port, activated caller Id using AT command, still it shows only RING on putty
I think we need voice moden for caller ID.

I know about this, whozz caller Id.
But the pricing is very high.

Don’t forget your provider needs to offer caller ID.
Sometimes this is optional extra…

Providers provides caller Id feature, I used whozz caller Id before.

Can you please give me the details of that device you bought?[quote=“markjw, post:3, topic:14445”]
I’ve bought a few USB modems from Amazon and they work fine and they’re cheap. Definitely using a USB modem is your cheapest route to use Caller ID.

I got mine off amazon aswell, was just an unbranded generic modem.
I think your over thinking what they do…
Untill you answer a call there is no difference between a voice, fax or dial up call…
They are all analogue.
The only part which sets a fax/dial up call apart is once the call is answered and the series of bleeps have let both ends know it’s a data call the nasty quizzing and whiting starts which is how the data is sent.
While the line is ringing there is no way to know if it’s fax voice or data.
And you caller ID device should not be answering the call just seing the incoming ringing and the caller ID.

I also bought generic version. But it shows ring, as emre said in tutorial, only showing RING…
So you are saying we need to attend the the call , then only it shows the number right?

Generic 56Kbs USB 2.0 V.92/90 Dial Up Voice Fax Data Modem for PC Laptop

This is the one I bought.

You don’t need voice support, it has nothing to do with Caller ID just like JTRTech said.

Getting RING means caller ID is not setup. As the product listing on Amazon says, the modem does support Caller ID and most do, so I doubt it is wrongly listed. Just you need to enable Caller ID function first. You need the command to turn it on and also usually a command to set your country (as every country’s phone system is different). I am in the UK, but I will check mine later and let you know, you can try those, or if it came with a user manual (on the CD) it might have the command reference there too.

No I’m saying the exact opposite, that there is no distinguishing factor betweek a voice, fax or data call untill you pick it up (data and fax being the same thing anyway)
In the same way you can pickup a fax call if someone dials your main number rather than a fax and then when you do you hear the bleeps of the fax machine at other end trying to start the process of transfering the fax data.

And a caller ID device doesnt answer the call - just simple see the incomming ringing on that line.
If it did answer the call it would defeat the object.

You listing looks identical to mine (not that that always means its the same.

As mark says caller ID is country/provider specific in wether its enabled (sometimes extra) and the format the number is provided in.

You say doesnt support voice but it says it does anyway and also caller ID…

Find the initilise command and caller id enable option.

Also check with a normal telephone which has caller id function and make test call to make sure you have caller id on your line.

I initialised caller id using one AT command, its shows “Ok”

And I tested with normal phone, it shows the number who is calling.
the description on amzon says it supports caller Id (Optional)

Driver shows Simple Data Fax Modem

This is irrelevant. That is the name of the device in Windows. Caller ID is just one of many features of the device, surely you don’t expect the windows device name to list all features? It would be like 100 words long! :wink:

This is a data fax modem, it supports caller ID. That’s it

Yeah, optional because you need to enable / turn it on. So it works with or without caller ID.

Honestly, you are reading into this way too much. Your modem will support caller ID, you just haven’t set it up properly. You need to do that / find out how to. It can be a bit of hassle but you should eventually get it to work. If you want an out-of-the-box solution, go and buy the Whoz calling? or devices, but as you know those cost a lot more…

For me personally, I am happy we can use cheap USB modems for caller ID with SambaPOS and they work great.

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I will upload the details today , I hope you can help me out for the solutions

I don’t know what is the issue, all of sudden it shows digital signature verification error.
I tried the driver that came with device, still it shows the problem.
I cannot open putty port.

Please help me out.
These are the hardware ID.