Suggestion for "Batch Edit....(Product)"

Hi, I think it’d save a lot of time to enable “batch edit” option for many thing.

First example Scenario i could think of is this:

In the product list:

  1. Multi- select the product as shown on the image below
  2. Right click(or use the option panel on the right), and choose “Batch edit product”
  3. Admin can now batch update some values such as “Group code”, “Tag”, “Potion”, “Multiplier”, “price”
  4. Some attibutes such as “product name”& “barcode” should be greyed out as they need to remain unique (I think?)

Second example Scenario i could think of is this:
“In POS menu, the clerk can:”

Batch Edit product tags (for example, the customer is allergic to gluten and all the product needs to be applied with “Gluten Free” order tag/modifier) (Another example is to set “All together” order tag for Entree when the customer requests entree and main dishes to come at the same time)

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1… Agree this would make bulk editing easier

2… Can be achieved with Automation Commands and Update Order States / Update Order Tags

Every time I suggest people to change their product group codes I’m thinking about it. I have lots of similar ideas in my list. After finishing some essential features I’ll focus on management module improvements. Thanks.

I would love to have this feature as well (even better if I can click-and-drag a product (or multiple products) into a group.

I created a batch of more than 200 products without grouping them first. Now that I realized how grouping products will be necessary for some tasks (for example: sending only specific groups to the printer), it is very time consuming to click each product and then choose the correct group code from the drop-down list. To make matter worse, I keep having to scroll back up to the top of the product list before I can choose another product and repeat this process.

Use Tag column on Management > Products > Product Tag Editor.

I have tried batch editing in Tag Editor, but I couldn’t figure out how to set up a print job based on specific Tag.
(I only see option for Product Group and Product.)

how could i batch edit barcode? or batch create product’s barcode?

You cant batch edit as far as i know

Use a free online barcode generator to make and print barcodes then type the barcode into each products setup in the barcode field