Suggestion for improving of forum

dear @emre.
I saw a lot of questions and requests for all kinds of features
Some features are already in the todo list.
  And if we had such a list a lot of the questions were avoided.
Also it would give us better understand what are the plans for the future so we could offer what each feature should contain and how it should work.
You may want to create a category called “todo list”
Which will contain an Updated list of future plans.
What do you think about it ?


Thank you for the suggestions. I agree. While we are doing open source it was easier to track our progress but as we started closed source development we lost some benefits. Updating a public todo list with our current development is a lot of work but if people are interested we may consider releasing some parts of our development workflow to public.

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Please share the development workflow to public. We will be more interested to do that as well.