Suggestion for Order Tags

Hi emre.
I have a little extra suggestion to Ordr Tags
Many pizzerias offer fix price for pizza which includes several Toppings&drinks.
For example my pizzeria offers for customers
  Pizza Including two Toppings and a drink at a fixed price
It would be nice if it could be set Ordr Tags that the first two Toppings will be free of charge and if typed more than two they will be charged accordingly
Of course the user has to define the number of free Ordr Tags and the price.

You can use 2 order tags. One for the free and one for the rest.
Maybe not a perfect solution, but it does work well.

Yeah that’s what I do today and that’s okay
It was nice and easier if i could set in Ordr Tags GROUP number of free Toppings
This would save the user to enter another Ordr Tags Group to continue the reservation.

@emre, I just tried to update Order Tags while selecting them and couldn’t get it working. Any ideas?

What I was attempting is the 2 free toppings scenario. I would use a counter to keep track of the number of tags selected, and for the first 2, I wanted to change the Order Tag to 0.00, but when I tried, the Order Tag would not show at all. Then if I reselected the Order Tag (after the initial 2), it would show with no price no matter how many times you selected it.

And just on a side note, I was sure that if you set Min Selected Items and you tried to close Order Tags without selecting enough Order Tags, it would prompt you to enter more. Now it just will not let you Close Order Tags - no messages.

Hello John, Update Order Tag action toggles order tag if it is already tagged with that tag. Maybe we can just update price if it is already tagged and price is different.

Couldn’t understand the reason of that behavior. Maybe relates with toggling behavior.

Seems working fine for me. Are you using grouping or a setting different from defaults?

Using defaults.
I have {:TagCount} set to 0 when an Order is added.
When an Order Tag is selected, I check that {:TagCount} < 2, Increment {:TagCount}, and Update Order Tag setting Price to 0.
Order Tags will not show until the third Order Tag is selected, then if I select the first 2 tags they show with no price.

PS - There is no Update Order Tag, only Tag Order or Update Order

Isn’t it hard to correct tagging mistakes with that?

Yes it is. It was worth a try.
I still can’t get it working right. And the Order Tags retain the zero price even when a new order is added.

Can you check order tag price? Maybe an action cleared tag’s price.

If I use Tag Order to update the price, the price then stays cached.
It seems that Tag Order will remove an Order Tag if it has been selected, whereas I think it should only update the price, or change an Order Tag to a new Tag if you enter Old Order Tag Name.
We still have Untag Order to remove Order Tags if needed.