Suggestion of entering transaction

another suggestion when entering transaction documents…anyway to make it to use keyboard only rather then need to use mouse clicking here and there.

and maybe include a database for creditors? instead of document no only? so we can have a summary of how much we owe to specific supplier

and the total or unit price should automatically calculated when the quantity and unit price is entered

and maybe a display of total value to double check if we mis entered something

and maybe a feature of using the *,/,+,- sign in the numeric entry

and option to edit the entered entry? instead of need to delete and reenter

Hello @superlik. As I’ve announced on our roadmap these are included in our plans.

Obviously we need to form a team to be able to achieve these. That’s why since Feb. we’re attending investor meetings. It is progressing nice and it can be a lot better as we can get more community support.

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