SUMUP PAYMENT OPTIONS - Don't want Paymentsense

Hello Team,

Can you please provide some options how to setup/connect SUMUP payment as they are flexible in prices and easy to use. Please beware ! Payment sense, they are NO good and very expensive for the merchant with so many hidden cost in UK. Please add other options for third-party Payment integration.

Any help please?

We do not integrate to Sumup. We are working on some alternative options for UK Market but right now Dojo/Paymentsense is our only option. Paymentsense is very flexible and has thousands of happy customers… maybe you had a bad representitive? We would be happy to reach out to them and have them contact you to work out a better deal if you like?

Its not only about me avoiding Payment sense, in UK market there is large numbers of businesses who would not want that service, To be honest other payment provider are way better than them. Easy to manage and connect and low cost. It would be great to see better alternatives like STRIPE, SUMUP, IZETTLE, PAYPAL which are much happening for the businesses in UK.

Sambapos user will highly appreciate many of these alternatives. Others in UK do not have monthly fees, Terminal lease fee, merchant accounts fees and hidden charges etc…

Looking forward to see more payment options for UK market. Sooner the better please :slight_smile:


I agree, I use zettle , and have used sumup and square in the past and find these are just more convenient, especially as a mobile trader

It would be good to have a zettle or sumup integration

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Just beware of the fee structure of some of these. It can be very easy to reach a cap on the “cheaper” processors if you are not careful. At that point you can quickly find your monthly fees approaching and/or surpassing the “big box” processors.

Don’t make the mistake we almost did!

Best of luck to all!

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I’ve been using Sumup for years. The service is spot-on and the fees are okay.

Hello Team, do you have any update how soon we can get any other Payment providers, We need this sooner. Is there any way you can guide?

We will not have another option soon. The team at Paymentsense can provide a good setup for you. These type of integrations take time. We will update here if we finish another integration.

I am a bit confused though. Services you mentioned STRIPE, SUMUP, IZETTLE, PAYPAL cost more than paymentsense typically. I agree they are easier to use though.

It depends. Obviously PayPal should never be used, any company charging 3.4% in the UK is having a laugh, but SumUp, Zettle, Square while look more expensive at first, can be cheaper for micro/small businesses that are doing less than £150k card turnover a year. Obviously it’s not a like for like product so shouldn’t be considered on price alone, there is a lot more you are getting with dojo. I honestly think if a customer is looking only based on price, they should just get whatever cheapest card machine deal they can get and forget about integration - you can’t have everything just because you want it!

Any new customer who is using integration with SambaPOS in the UK should be using dojo, not Paymentsense. The dojo product is easier to use and more similar in functionality to the likes of SumUp etc. Also both dojo and Paymentsense also have Pay at Table integration, which AFAIK is not something even an integration with the other mentioned providers is possible.

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Hello Team,

I lost one good customer today, as they could not afford to to for Dojo or Paymentsense, its not a small customer they run professional few branches of grocery stores in UK. They are clever about their outgoings and same do not wanted to go for Dojo. Everything they liked about Sambapos but deal dropped as there is no alternative option of payment to add… Sadly! Please can you look in to this.

We are in talks with some other options. It takes some time for these deals but we will have more options once negotiations are done.