Super Simple Happy Hour Price List

Thanks I think I got it I will try that

This one was my solution follow step by step

Hi guys! I’ve done this setup and, supossedly, it works, but it only works in single terminal where it was done, as well as server, however three other terminals dont ring up HH discount. I have a small restaurant, and just started to do our Happy Hour. I have checked over and over setup, but cant figure out whats wrong. Is there anyone out there who would give me some kind help.

Sounds like caching to me. Restart samba or the machine itself on the other terminals.

Hi! I did my setup on Friday, shuted down all terminals at night’s shift end, then, next day, started as I would regularly do. Happy Hour was supposed to launch later, but was never able to do so… so I had to manually change price to each item, such a trouble going into every ticket, as we have around 40 tables… got any other idea, what could be the issue?

Can follow this guide couple month ago still working…

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

I must be doing something wrong.
Here is my setup.

Then to enable HH Im doing this rule:

And last, disable HH Rule

Now im not getting any discount at all… :slightly_frowning_face:

What’s the disable one about???
No actions just means that rule does nothing.

You have between 1559 and 1700.
The time shown in corner is after 6pm.
6pm is 1800…

Cheka la Hora es formato Militar

I finally figured out: turns out my server and terminal where doing automation have both windows in english, and all other terminals have windows in spanish, since I live in Mexico…
So I went to Samba and just clicked on “override windows regional settings” and, that was it, finally got it to work… It seems quite strange, but somehow it worked.

I was able to setup Happy hour successfully following this giude>

I want a situation where I can manually use a button to activate happy hour anytime any day.

I can apply happy hour to a customer bill anytime any date instead of automating it with time range.

Can I get that?

Use a global program setting, update it with a toggle automation command for say ON/OFF and change daye/time rule constraints for program setting equals ON.

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How can I do that? Please shop me existing guide or share steps

I didnt get this part well

Make an automation command button, for happy hour,
put ON and OFF in the values box and select toggle.
This will make the command value toggle each time the button is pressed.
Then make an automation command executed rule for the command name of that button and use the command value for the value of the program getting in an update program setting action with global set to true and setting name of say ‘HappyHour’.
Then in HH rule where time constrints were origionally change the time and date parts to just be {SETTING:HappyHour} equals ON, where HappyHour is the setting name set above, to call the current value from the program setting.


Thank youn so much for your assistants. I am grateful

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Could you help with it ? I tried its not working

Tutorial works, must have a mistake.
Cant help unless you explain where it’s not working and what’s happening.

Thanks its working Now.