Super Simple Happy Hour Price List


Quick and easy super simple happy hour setup. As always BACKUP before making changes…

Create a price definition;


Set Happy Hour (HH) prices in price list editor;

Create a new action to set order price to HH price band leave all other fields empty as its only price band you want to change;


Create a new ORDER ADDED TO TICKET event rule, add the CHANGE ORDER TO HH PRICE action just created;

Quickly check in POS that the rule is working by adding a few applicable products. NOTE: we havnt set time constraints for HH yet, just want to check all is working so far;

Can see the prices are HH prices and the HH next to price showing they are HH price band.

Now we can go back to the HH rule and add some constraints to set days/times of our Happy Hour;
First we will want to change the execute if drop down to ‘Matches All’ as we will want all the constraints to be matched as will be setting a start, end and day of week constraint.
Then using {DATE:HHmm} we can add two custom constraints for a start and end time, the constraint option i the middle will want to be Greater for start time and Less for end time.

I have added a third constraint for days of week using {DATE:ddd} and using Matches and pipe char ’ | ’ can set multiple days for those times.
So the above rule will have a happy hour on Friday and Saturday (Fri and Sat as used the ‘ddd’ format for the date expression) between 11:30 and 11:33.
I set a narrow window to test as time was 11:31 which allowed me to save and start a ticket in happy hour and test it was active and ended as expected;


As you can see the first 3 orders were added before 11:33 and the last two after 11:33

This is a very simple and basic Happy hour setup you can create in around 5 minutes very easily.

If you were to want different times on different days you can simply add multiple rules. For example if I wanted;
18:00 till 20:00 Monday through Thursday but 17:00 till 19:00 Friday and Saturday the two rules would be as follows;



If you wanted different HH offers on different days you could set separate rules but change the action in each to the corresponding price definition

One thing to note is you DO NOT have to set a price for every single product if the price isnt effected by your happy hour deal. If there is no price in a price band it will default back to the normal price and not get updated.



Reserved for updates, notifications and changes…



Super awesome! Simple yet straight to the point.



Awesome! I will try to apply this solution to my holiday menu. Thanks for sharing