Suppliers screen

Hi, is there a way that I can configure(FIND TICKET) button on the supplier’s screen. I want to open the respective tickets that shows what was supplied by that supplier before issuing payment.
It will also assist me if I can be able to print the tickets of suppliers and see what was supplied

So your using tickets to pay suppliers? Not using Account Transactions? It looks like your using Account Transactions. I see a Pay Supplier button.

nope, i want to capture the supplier transaction document created when am purchasing from.This can be filed for reference purposes in future.
In a nutshell Goods received voucher

Ok well Find Ticket will find tickets but it will not find Transaction Documents. You would need to create your own Automation Command Button for that.

In your Account Screen settings you can add Automation Commands.

You can set the Account as parameter and build automation around it.

The essence here is just to capture what was supplied for justification of the amount appearing on the customer account. If you can guide on how to capture that either by creating ticket or by us of Automation command button i will really appreciate.

Customer Account Statements and Payments (Custom)

I am trying to borrow from these tutorial that was done by QMcKay a while back

There is no connection to the actual Inventory Transaction Document. That is just an Account Transaction Document. You will find it difficult to build what you want from this screen. Probably impossible but I am not sure yet as I have not explored this.

EDIT: Yes this will be impossible from this screen. There is no connection to the inventory transaction document. You would need to build a custom screen with advanced automation to view purchases, payments, transaction documents and you would need to build automation linking them. That is not going to be simple.