Surface 3 POS setup

Something to ponder but here is a nice setup that I have been using and it works great for my business. I currently have 1 main POS station. I run a Quick Service home town Dairy Bar restaurant. I opted to go with the Surface Pro 3 as my main POS and I use the Surface Pro Dock and have it sitting on top of a cash drawer. The dock has Ethernet so It is in Wired mode when used 99% of time… if its picked up off Dock it switches to wireless.

Here is link to the Surface Pro 3:

Here is a link to the Dock I use:

Price may seem expensive if your weighing it as a consumer purchase but as a business purchase for mission critical use its actually quite competitive with other solutions.

I have my dock locked down to the Cash Drawer and the Drawer is bolted to my front desk. I take the tablet home every night and I do my reports and cashing out at home which is very convenient… I absolutely love the flexibility of this setup.

I will be adding more Surface Pro 3 with the core i3 models for additional terminals. My main terminal is also the server currently and it runs great… I will be switching it to use an actual Rack mounted server in the back office in next few months however. I am currently testing it now.

The surface 3 I use currently has a very very fast intel core i5 cpu. It can keep up with anything i throw at it. 12 inch screen is beautiful with SambaPOS. I personally think its nearly the perfect size for a tablet. My employees can pick the Tablet up off the dock and take it to a table or to the drive through window if ever needed to make order taking easier. I love this flexability.

The digitizer pen is very nice as well.

The dock is built very well. It adds 5 more USB ports and leaves the ones on the tablet itself available for use as well. It also adds a Mini display port and leaves the one on tablet available so you end up with 2 options for display out if needed.

Bottom line: This thing works awesome in a POS environment. The dock is rather pricy but worth it for me. The setup looks good, is very flexible, and has saved me money.


I am interested in the free pos system

SambaPOS 4 is currently free with optional paid modules for expanding its capability. Is that what you mean? If so feel free to browse this forum specifically the version 4 categories. You can download version 4 from here:

Also you might find this useful for first time forum use:

Those surfaces work really good with samba. I currenly use Chuwi hi10 which just about does the job besides the Ethernet connection(Can always get the USB to Ethernet adapter)

For the price and the docking station price, you can’t go wrong :smiley: .

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