Community Guidelines

###How to ask questions?

###Things to know before start

  1. SambaPOS is different from traditional POS systems. It allows you to customize almost every POS feature according to your business needs. It is easy to understand and you can build your own solutions without programming knowledge. However it is something new and you’ll need some time to understand how customization works.

  2. We have a lot of tutorials to demonstrate how all SambaPOS customization features works. Please keep in mind these tutorials are not solutions. Tutorials prepared by good people of our community to give you different ideas about how to implement your own solution.

  3. Spare some time to implement some step by step tutorials. It will give you some general idea about core features. If you just start asking questions without understanding these you won’t understand answers.

  4. People answering your question are people like you who volunteered to help SambaPOS community. So answering your question should be fun / useful for other members. Only quality questions can receive quality answers so if you ask an easily understandable, brief and clear question more people will like to help you. Nobody will bother themselves to solve something they don’t understand.

  5. Be a part of the community. If you need the best POS solution available help us building it.


Q: When I did x, SambaPOS displayed an error message and crashed please help.
A: Please copy & paste the content of the error message. Click Details tab on error message dialog to see full error report.

Q: Printer does not print, not properly formatted or does not display x value.
A: Please post screen shots of the printout, give us some details about the printer brand, type, configuration. Also include the printer template you’re referring to. If you’ve customized printing with rules & actions please include these configuration as well.

Q: I’ve followed x tutorial but it does not work. Why?
A: It does not work because you did something wrong. Please review whole configuration carefully. Check if there are any typos. Also think about possible renames. For example if tutorial refers to Customers entity and if you’ve renamed it to something else you should use that name instead of Customers.

###Issues should be accompanied by
SambaPOS Version
DB Type and Version
OS Type (32/64) and Version
Device Type (PC/Tablet/etc)
Error Messages
Steps to recreate the issue

###Use one of these tags for your posts.

  • Version 4: when posting something related with Version 4.

  • Request: when you know SambaPOS doesn’t do something, but you would like to see that functionality added.

  • Question: when you don’t know how it works and you’re seeking help, or you want to know if SambaPOS is capable of something.

  • Issue: when something is broken. It should be treated with caution, and should rarely be used unless you are certain something is broken. This could be strange or unexpected behavior that you know is not correct, or something as drastic as a program Hang or Crash.

###Other useful tips about your questions / feature requests.

  • While asking / requesting something give all possible details. Create screen shots. Clearly explain what you did.

  • If your question relates with a custom feature, tutorial or something not delivered in default install please add a reference to that tutorial or original post in your question.

  • Please don’t abuse @mentioning feature, which is using multiple @name mentions in a post to attract attention from us - you may have the opposite reaction in this case.

  • Don’t use PM to ask something that should be asked in the public forum. If your question does not contain sensitive data and is sent in a PM, it will be ignored, because we are here to help everyone - not just you - so our questions and answers should be Public as often as possible.


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