Sweetened beverage tax

Hi, there is a new tax I have to deal with in my area. It is called sweetened beverage tax which I have ti add $0.01 per ounce on the retail sale of all sweetened beverages in Cook County.

Can anyone have idea on how to add this in sambapos?


You’ll rob ably have to treat it as a calculation you can manually update and use a custom product tag to help calculate it.

As the tax is per ounce and not related to the value of the item, you will need to store the tax value on each product. Doing manually I think would be a huge headache so better to automate this.

Create a custom product tag for the tax and enter the tax value on each applicable item. You can then create a calculation for the tax (and therefore also allocate an account for reporting purposes) and create a rule to update the calculation when you click the settle button (i.e. go to payment screen).


Sorry by manually I mean a calculation to update a fixed value as aposed to a rate type calculation.

Yeah I re-read your post after I wrote mine and noticed that, then realised what I wrote was just a longer version of what you wrote already :stuck_out_tongue:

Tks, I will test it. Will create the custom tag for the beverages and also will have to add the OZ ammount for each beverage

Depends on if/how your using portions.
If no portions can directly set tax amount or oz size to calculate from.
You might be good to look at updating order state on order added with one of these values as there are many state based report expressions which might help calculate the ‘tax calculation amount’ with virses directly using custom product tag.

Hello @markjw, could you please guide me on how should I create a calculation for the tax? Is it similar to the discount calculation?
I was thinking on converting the amount of tax from $ to % and create a new tax account and apply it to a particular soda (e.g. 12oz Soda can cost $1.00 plus the penny tax the total would be $1.12 or $1.00 x 12%). The only problem is that I will have to create 6 different tax accounts. I am not sure if I can combine this tax group on the bill.

Thank you in advance

You can combine visually with a [=calculation] expression in the template but if its a different type of tax should it not be reported seperatly?

Thank you @JTRTech. No, it is the same type of tax (Sweetened beverage tax) $0.01 per ounce. We have two different type of taxes, which is Sales tax of 11% and the Soda tax which is $0.01 per ounce on sugary drinks (coke, pepsi, jarritos, sprite, 7up, etc).
I will look/study some examples of [=calculation] expressions.

Sub Total $
Sales tax total $ (this will be regular tax of 11%)
Sweetened tax $ (this will be a combination of 6 tax accounts)
Total $

You said you had many taxes?

Yes, just because I couldn’t do the “custom product tag” and create the calculation for the tax, it was easy for me just to convert the $ to % for each soda we sell and create a tax account. But the tax is the same.

Thank you for your advice.

Ok, so You setup multiple calculation types?

No, I am setting up an account for each beverage tax.

I went to Accounts > Accounts

Account Name: Tax 11%
Account Name: Beverage Tax

Then I went to Transaction type to set up a transaction for each Tax

Account Transaction Type Name: T11% Transaction
Account Source Type: Sales Accounts
Target Account Type: Receivables Accounts
Default Source Account: Tax 11%
Default Target Account: Receivables

Account Transaction Type Name: Bev Tax 1 (thru Bev Tax 6 are under the same source account)
Account Source Type: Sales Accounts
Target Account Type: Receivables Accounts
Default Source Account: Beverage Tax
Default Target Account: Receivables

In Tax Template,

Name: T11%
Account Transaction Type: T11% Transaction
Rate: 11.00
Mappings > Add > All

Name: Bev1
Account Transaction Type: Bev Tax 1
Rate: 5.33
Mappings > Add > under Product I selected: Kolashampan / Coke Bottle

Name: Bev2
Account Transaction Type: Bev Tax 2
Rate: 12.00
Mappings > Add > under Product I selected: Coke/Diet Coke/Pepsi/Sprite/7Up

and so on…for the next Bev3 thru Bev6

I got stuck in the template because I would like to combine the Bev Tax 1 thru Bev Tax 6 in one line

p.s. I will try to post screen shots.