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So with reference to the post:

I have a customer list as below:

All customers can be retrieved except the first in list 01234. I cannot work out why? I have been concentrating on Customers as 100% of the trade at the Venues are all known customers so these features will need to or be moved to configurations tasks and this is the first Task. Everything we do will be Customer based (Entity of Customer) and dealing with “known” Customers opens up many possibilities.

I will attached the main “Change Ticker Rule” as its slightly different to @pipo (thanks too):smile:

General Questions - Rule: Change Ticket Customer

Was not sure about Entity Screen Name and Entity Screen Search Value (new). So I used the vanilla screen from installation and guessed the ‘Search Value’?

Also what Entity Screen Names can I used here as it seems Pip’s post he used a custom screen? What characteristics should be included in the Entity Screen Name? Is the Screen supposed to return a result i.e Customer Pointer Reference?

Even though my posts may be simplistic, the posts hopefully will “cover off” the bits no so well documented or easily found as I take this journey where others will follow in V5.
Thanks to all those willing to fill in the blanks :smiley:

I want to create this as a separate questions with regards to the screen below:
(Post Swipe)

Just so I can complete this function What are the steps to include the Customer Name next to his Number?
ie. > 00001 Andrew Johns OR maybe just > Andrew Johns (00001).

That would be the Display Format option of that Entity Type. Looks like you set the Primary to be Member No so it always Displays Primary unless you override it with Display Format

Thanks @kendash - too many book marks and was not sure of the correct search term! The best link to start this is:


Tip of the iceberg I know LOL.

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