Switch recommendations for 5 terminals and 2 printers

Hey guys, I am about to commence work on a big setup that will include 1 server, 4 terminals, 2 network printers and 1 wireless antenna for table service. There will be some other devices that will be added to the network in the future.

Usually routers come with 4 LAN ports so I am thinking I will need a good and responsive switch that will be able to handle this. So far Ive been making max 2 terminals setups so a slightly better router was enough, does anyone have any recommendation what should I focus on? Switch memory, Ghz or both?

To be honest I never really worked with big switches so I a not sure if they come with a accessible firmware that I can configure. I will get internet connection for cloud syncs (database backup) from a router that is already in place but I want to keep POS traffic away from it because its used by the guest wireless and it can get very crowded.
Will I need a router for the antenna extension or can that be configured to work with the switch?

Any recommendations on how I should organise this would be very appreciated!

Hello, you want to make a VLAN for POS System or will the POS System will be in the same network ass your other devices which you add later?

If you want to use VLAN you need a managed switch, I have good experiences with Netgear, not too expensive and Quality is okay.

If you make all in the same Network use an unmanaged switch. It is good because you cannot mess sth up with a wrong config and so in debugging or when you have someday a problem with the network you can exclude the switch as failure source.

However in every case do not use some crap switches because their Bandwith is sometimes limited and that makes a bottleneck on the network.(Often no name brands).

I would recommend Netgear or if you want to go more pro Lancom or Cisco, but the prices explode :slight_smile:
And another one: use Gigabit switches, no fast ethernet.

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VLANS are handy on a larger network but do take more setting up, if you just want to keep guests clear easier option is wireless issolation on your wifi since guests typically would be wifi only.
Either way. I seccond a reconmendation for netgear. A 8 port gigabit switch wont set you back much.

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I’d just recommend a gigabit network switch 8 port or whatever you need. We normally use Netgear or TP-Link, but really whatever branded one is cheapest just go for it, you don’t need to use expensive hardware for this type of setup.

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The metal cased desktop switches are very solid, use them all the time.
These style ones;
If you get to the point you need more that 16 ports id reconmend a HP prosurve rack switch, they do a nice range of not massivly large ones and some are fanless if you get the right model/revision.

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All the devices will be on separate network from the guest WiFi, makes it more secure and there is only POS traffic.

Gigabit network switch it is then :grinning:

Thanks guys, I appreciate your recommendations!