Switch User / BAR TAB integration

Guys, really appreciate the help.

The above works. Thanks so much for your help.

@QMcKay could you tell me what [TN= means, and what it does?



I am basing my responses on this screenshot. Tell me what you want or expect this Rule to do?

If the Ticket Tag for AUTOPRINT is not Bar Tab, then I assume it is blank. Is that the case?

If the above is true (the Ticket has no Tags), then you must ensure the Ticket has an Entity Assigned before you can attempt to close it. In which case, you want {ENTITY NAME:Tables} to be Not Null, greater than zero, or matches a Table Number.

Has been updated already :slight_smile:
I just wanted the logout button disabled when a bar tab was selected so only the bar tab close button works.


[=TN()] converts a string to a number, and also ensures it is a valid number.

If the string is numeric, it converts it to that number.

If the string is non-numeric, then it results in 0.

So if the string is blank/empty/null, or *, or Blah13, then you get as a result 0

And if the string is 1 or 2 or 3 etc, then you get as a result 1 or 2 or 3, respectively