Switch Users - Entity Based

Just a little something im working on…

So using @Jesse employee entities as part of his timeclock setup i stripped out all the timeclock bits i didnt need and have created a custom entity login screen.

So instead of using the nav screen and clicking on the POS button to enter the employees password to enter the POS the employees can just swipe their card instead or scan RFID or barcode or whatever you use.

When their ticket is closed or settled you are logged out back to this entity screen ready to log in again.

The next step is to automate a true switch user scenario using the employee entities, so one cashier is logged in, another swipes their card and it closes the current ticket, logs out to the entity login screen, auto populates the new employees password and logs them in. I have the new employee swipe to logout current user working fine, just need to work out a way to auto populate their password into the editor widget to login automatically, as well as saving tickets and recalling them when another employee logs back in (if they have an open ticket)


Nice, this was the main thing which put me off entertaining the entity based users (rfid/swipe login).
Although most mapping is geared towards true users hopefully we might see some form of hybrid in the future.

What you can do with Entities is MUCH more open. Mapping limits you honestly.

As thinking about automation commands and setting ticket states back and forth but guess entity state could be used so forget that comment lol

This is looking awesome. Definitely a feature I think will be used more often in many work places. I like it :smiley:


Have to go one better dont you Q haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL, mine is done using HTML5/CSS3 so formatting is much more flexible.

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@QMcKay that is sweet. Html and css has sooo many beautiful options.