System recommendation for rdp

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Is the following system good for rdp connection

i7 + 8gb ram laptop

2 x UniFi AP-Long Range UBNT UAP-LR

3 x Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 T280Q 8GB 7" Tablet 500-550

1 x Zyxel GS1100 16 Port 10/100/1000 400-450

Before going completely down the RDP route, it might be work looking at these new cheap Windows tablets:

thank you.
Windows Tablets become slow on wifi
Is this true

As far as I know there is nothing intrinsically slow about the WiFi connection. The amount of date you are transferring betweent he SQL server an the tablet is minimal.

Don’t get me wrong, these tablets are not terribly fast, but I think that is mainly due to their processing power rather than their WiFi speeds.

If you got the Windows Tablet, then you could either run the app on the device, or use RDP on the Windows tablet, so it seems like it could provide a best of both worlds situation?

I agree. Sorry but using RDP is simply not a good idea when there are better alternatives, and using non-Windows devices have their own limitations.

Using a Windows Tablet gives you far more flexibility than any i-Device or Android device. You can install SambaPOS on a Windows Tablet, or you can use the Browser-based (Javascript/GraphQL) POS interface (lighting fast), or use RDP if you prefer (proper RDP licensing is extremely expensive however).

If you really want to use Android/Apple devices, the Browser-based (Javascript/GraphQL) POS interface is very fast, and there are native Apps in development (beta) for them as well. Either option is IMO a better alternative to using RDP, especially if you license RDP legally (expensive) and not use a hack.

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I examined your documents but could not (java and graphql)

I wouldn’t bother with the long range unifi boxes.
Come are both ways and although box might be more powerful the device isn’t long range and generally not worth the extra.
I’d either splash out on the ac version or get more normal UAPs and improve coverage that way.