Table change items disappear from ticket

hi i have setup 3 terminals ground floor and first floor when click on change table from ground floor terminal to 1st floor terminal for one time and i can see the st floor terminal table color is orange when i open the table the items are missing so here i have to go to ticket and search open ticket then display and i get the ticket can so one help me for this please.

Tickets are still open then?
Your saying changebterminal but guessing you mean you have entities associated to floor and your changing that?
Can you show your automation relating to the flow?
Do you get same result if you change table the other direction?

in same entity of table if i change the items of ticket i can see if i change table to other entity table itmes disappear then i have to go into ticket and search open ticket then display and settle here is gif file.

There is something else happening there.
After selecting new table it shouldn’t close the ticket, default flow would go back to the ticket with the new table.
Show your move rule for a start.
Also check if and show if you have any ticket entity changed rules.

Hi here is the rule

Right, not what I was thinking but its change entity not move orders so wont have automation command.
Never looked at ticket moved rule, not even sure if its default or not.
Do you have any ticket entity changed rules? I would have expected these, not sure what ticket moved relates to given the event of ticket entity changed.

no i dont have anything entity changed rule

That rule seems to be default…

so how to solve this

So my question wasn’t answered if same happens if you go change tables the other way around.
Expect you have other automation interfering

Hold up, show your entity screen setup…
You move from g11 to m50, then on ticket screen open g10. That wasn’t on entity screen either.
I’d guess either you filtering entity screen maybe…
Your ticket list shows 2 m50 tickets, so it has moved it but not on entity screen so either screen configured wrong or you have messed up states but hard to say from you gif as you don’t open the same ticket you started with…

ok i made new gif file u can see this same issue it is

Ok, so same points stand.
Need to see your entity screen setup.
Still think you must have entityn changed rule or something else causing the ticket close after change since default wouldn’t close, ticket would stay open on screen with new entity and would hazard a guess whichever rule is doing that is likely related to your issue.

ok entity screen setup i have share groundfloor other screen also same setup.

ok i foud some rule

@JTRTech, I see he’s using 2 different ticket types (one kind for each floor). Would that be an issue if he’s not updating the ticket type?

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That’s a good catch. Looks like it might well be.

ya in same ticket type if i change table i wil be able to see items it wont disappear.

if i change table from one ticket type to another it disappear.

It’s not disappearing, it’s still in ticket list. It’s because your entity screens are set to specific ticket type. You would need to add automation to change ticket type when changing tables between floors.
They are not showing because you have ticket with for example entity of G11 but ticket type of mezzanine or whatever it is for 1st floor.
Don’t think ticket type is really intended for that scenario but you should be able to automate for it.

I’m not sure if this will work for you, but it should get you going in the right direction.
Your going to need to create an action to update the ticket properties:

Then create 2 rules, Here is a screen shot of the first:
The 2nd rule should be the opposite.

Again, I’m not sure if this will work for you, but hopefully get you going in the right direction.

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