Table history after finish cash

Hi All,

Could i have your advice how can i view history of entity or table after of the day please

You would need to use the Reports feature. This is a good reference to get you started.

Hi kendash,
how can I find the custom report on version 5 please

What do you mean? Its in Manage > Reports

Everything discussed in the link I provided works in version 5.

thank you kendash i can see now

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hi kendash,

do you have some example for view order history for table?

Easy to use ticket from dashboard and use filter for specific table

Hi gokulhirani,
Could you show/advice me some how toplease

From main menu choose tickets and filter by date and entity name…

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But issue with this
In this list all ticket will display so once you finish transaction or order for specific table then you can search so it is easy to perfect result.