Table Management

HI we were exploring at options for using a 3rd party table reservation system. Wanted to get ideas from other members what they reckon would be the best fit. We don’t mind having a paid solution. Our main thing is to integrate it with Sambapos and also be able to take online bookings via the website.

We would be more than happy to buy the solution of someone who has already implemented this solution.

Looking forward to some ideas and options.

Thanks heaps in advance.

Have through about this a few times.
The requirement is obviously an API for the system.
Have you got any systems in mind?

Nope not at the moment. We use Quandoo at our shop at the moment but they don’t have API’s I have sent their support team an email see if they have anything on plans.

Gloria food now has online table reservation and a great API.

HI Jesse,
I have looked at the gloria foods table reservation system, but the problem with their system is we do get a lot of phone bookings which it doesn’t let you capture. Also doesn’t have a tablet version for the restaurant system, or doesn’t allow you to block off the tables in real time from being over booked while you have walk-ins.

Ah OK so your looking for a comprehensive guest manager style system.

I have been looking at that too, have you tried it in your business @Jesse?

It’s good they have the API and tables do come through it, have you done anything with that yourself for tables?

But I still think their system for table reservation is lacking in a few ways and without doing an integration via API, there is no easy way to just display current bookings on the POS - you can use an HTML viewer directed to the page in GloriaFood admin, but there is no way you can filter the view via the URL so it only shows table reservations and not other orders.

I’ve not tried it yet. I may try something in the future but for now I just create tickets.

I thought we could use the Google Calendar API and this new feature to build something in Sambapos but that would not be easy and involve lots of time.

How is the filter applied on Gloria’s site?

You can inject Javascript into the HTML Viewer Widget if that’s what it needs to activate a filter.