Table not changing color when occupied and a ticket is open

I deleted the Entity Screens Tables, Clinets and Client Search while playing around with SambaPos. After that I recreated them manually and everything seems to work. But now when I select a table and open a ticket the color of the table in the main layout doesn’t change to orange. What have I missed?

Colors are dictated by States. Look at Settings/States make sure you did not change these in paticular the colors assigned. Also look through your system make sure your tables when a ticket is opened make sure the rules/actions are changing states at the right time.

Basically You set a State in Settings/State and you select a color for that state… when the Entity enters that state it will reflect that color…

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Changed the Forum Topic to Question as this is not a SambaPOS Issue it is a question about configuration.

@dpmitev did this help you solve your situation? If not we can help work on restoring them for you. Just let us know how far you have gotten and we can answer more questions to help you get it back.

Yes. I found out what the issue was. In Entity Screen -> Entity List->Display Status-> I had entered “Status” in my own Language. When i entered it in English everything worked ok. Now I have a new question, When I open a ticket and I want to settle it no payment options appear. I sellect Settle, but the Cash, Voucher and Credit Card options do not appear. They are present in the Payment Options Menu, but I don’t know what I have done wrong.

You probably messed with mapping. or changed some naming again. Keep in mind if you change naming in things like states, rules, actions… often you need to change it EVERYWHERE it is used or it can affect how those functions work. one might look for the old name and not find it because you changed it in one place but not the other places.

Table is occupied but the color is not changing.

see the table no 13