Table number not being shown on printed Bill slip or Kitchen slip

Its probably an automation command naming issue. Show us the entity screen in design mode with the settings pulled up so we can see how you named your button. Then show the rule you used to handle it.

The rule that handles the automation command need to see that specifically you might not have created the Load Ticket action correctly.

Put the Load Ticket action first so swap it with your KD_Update Order Display State.

Also make an automation command name it Bar Order Ready no mapping or anything just name it and save it.
Woops seems you have done this step already. See above. Load Ticket has to happen first before you can do anything.

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It Works! may it just have been the load ticket order?

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Yes that was important Step. It cant change any states unless ticket is loaded first. Rules execute actions in the order you list them.

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thank you again, I can go sleep now with a little bit more dignity

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Some cool things you can do with this type setup as well. For example I use it for a quick service setup where I separate To Go orders as Paid and Unpaid example:

Ones on left are Unpaid To Go tickets the ones on right are all Paid To Go tickets.

Those are two different tickets both same item but two different ones notice Ticket # is 8 and 7

Clicking the Settle Ticket button for Unpaid tickets brings up the ticket for settle and marks it as Picked Up. Clicking the Mark Picked Up button for the Paid tickets simply clears it from the screen and marks it as Picked Up.

Dine In Tickets do not show on this screen at all as it is only for To Go orders.

Clicking on one highlights it as well:

I will also give a cool sneak peak at a V5 feature that makes this so easy. I can make custom Navigation button speficially for that Entity Screen. Please ignore the ugly Sales Performance and Sales tile as I am testing those currently they are unfinished.

Reminder this Tile Feature is V5 which is currently being tested by select few people it is not released yet but will be in near future

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wow the UI looks very nice, And great idea with paid and unpaid tickets

I’m just out the starting blocks so you will see my name again!

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