Table Timer - Only stops when session settled

I need to change the table timer as you described for the V5 Update. When I add a item to the table, it resets the timer on the table. This is a problem because for our use, we need to record the timer from when they first sit down until they leave. Everytime we add an item, it resets which kind of defeats the purpose.

Another issue is that we have customer accounts where they will have a tab (balance on their account). When we settle only a portion of their ticket, the timer is still up and will not go away until it is settled. Is there any work around for these?

What is table timer? Can you show us what you’ve implemented so far?

I think he is talking about {ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status} min. from this update.

Uzi9mm is correct. I am referring to the 5.1.54 release timer. The duration table buttons timer will reset everytime I add an item to the ticket which is what I do not want because I want to track how long someone has been seated for since the begining.

OK got it. Let me clarify it a little. This is not a table timer. This tag displays duration in minutes after Status state gets last updated. As you add new orders status state changes so it resets. Think it like you want to see tables didn’t ordered for 30 minutes. When you add orders it resets.

So you have a different purpose. Your description is a little vague but from what I’ve understood you can create a separate entity state for your purpose and read duration from it.

For example lets say we’ll create MyPurpose state.

Create a new action that updates MyPurpose state.

This action will update Table’s MyPurpose state to Ping so as we execute this action duration value will reset for {ENTITY STATE MINUTES:MyPurpose} tag.

So when we should execute this? Well that depends on your needs. For example you can reset that when Table’s Status state becomes ‘New Orders’ (turns orange color).

if you want to use this rule to ping state… I’ve noticed a small issue while preparing the sample and fixed it. So it will work fine for 5.1.57. Alternatively you can try pinging it from “Payment Processed” rule so it resets when a payment received.