Table viewing,waiters to view only their respective tables

Dear all,is there a way that we can allow the waiter to view only their respective entities with transaction.When a waiter logs in ,i want them to view only their respective tables and free tables but not other tables owned by their fellow waiters

I think that option is in User Roles permissions. I think its called Can Display Other Waiters Tickets

I am talking about Entities not tickets ,i want the waiter to view only his respective tables and other free tables or rather to view their open transactions . Once the waiter logs in he can only view his respective open tickets.I think this saves time especially on busy days whereby the waiter has forgotten his table number.
I know about the option for tagging the tables with customer names

I dont think there is something like that by default, you will probably have to fully customize that and create a workflow.

There is a way but it requires a custom screen and the widget. I can explain but its faily advanced. When I get to the office this morning I will try and remember to show you.

You will need to update to 5.3.6 to do this if you havnt yet.