Tables are merged or removed under another before payment

I use 3 Departments with this properties. Only for restaurant I use Tables to make order. I have renamed tables. like folllowing image. Making order on Table is working well, i choose table and put order on it. In some times, i open the table to make payment, i have follwing problems:

  • My order is removed under another table OR 2 tables are merged, i saw 2 tables number under another number. It is really strange.


Either you have automation doing this or its staff using incorrectly.
Staff would be first guess and what I guess they might be doing is opening the ticket on say table 1, then rather than closing ticket before selecting the next table then are pressing the table button which if you have a ticket with a table already selected would show as CHANGE table. So when they then select table 2 they arent actually opening table 2s ticket they have just changed the first ticket to table 2. This would result in next time you go to table 2 you would get prompted with a ticket list for that table.

Normally i choose the table and put order on it and i close the table. For next order i choose another table and i make the same. Before payment i reopened and i make the payment. And have this view. Under Table 1 (58.20 Fr) I have 2 amounts and 2 numbers. What are they?

When i open to make payment, i have this:

That is ticket Lister for that entity.
Either ticket is moved to entity or is you set ticket creation to POS (ie, you not need to select entity before adding products) I expect staff are ringing in products before selecting entity for second round.
You can run multiple tickets on a table.
That image shows two tickets no 49 and 55 on that table.
If you add orders before selecting entity/opening previous ticket selecting an entity after products will show like this as you have created a new second ticket before linking to entity.
If you want to add to an entity ticket you need to open the ticket first.

I make like this:

  • I open Table number 5 and add some ordered Products. Like this and I close for now.

  • If I need to add some other ordered products on the same table, i open this and i add other products. In this case I have this view. Normally i continue with table 5.What s this #64 ?


#64 would be ticket number!

This is what you do but is this what staff do?
If rather than selecting table first you add products then select table that would give you the screen you posted earlier.