Tablet back to demo

My tablet has reverted to the demo version of SambaPOS, can anyone advise please?

Please elaborate.
Windows tablet with sambapos
Android tablet with mobile app

Thanks for replying so quickly, Joe. It is an Android tablet.

With mobile app and licence.

Are you able to confirm that the Server is still connected to the Actual DB? And that your connection settings where not changed

No, I can’t confirm that. I don’t know how. My PC was hacked by a Facebook fraud, they placed adverts in my name on FB and caused many problems. Emsisoft were very helpful at cleaning out the various malware and Facebook have refunded the advert fees. Sambapos works fine on my PC but not on the tablet, it has been changed to the demo version. The tablet is really useful in the summer season as most of our customers eat outside, I would love to have it working again.

Sorry is this the Mobile Client or the Go Tablet App?

It is an Android client.

On your Server PC check that your Message Server and Port are set, then the Test connection.

Follow these instructions to make sure your client is setup correctly.

Your PC getting hacked has nothing to do with the mobile client reverting to demo. The only way that can happen is if you remove the app and reinstall it or if you log in to settings and reset your ip address for server back to

Thanks Jesse, I’ll do it tomorrow morning.