Tablet- Handheld Devices

Hi at all
I’d like to know some info on the different experience.

I’d like to buy 2-3 tablets to use as a terminal POS.

I’ve tested with Apple Ipad Mini (expensive…) and a good Win 8.1 Tablet (expensive and heavy for waitress use.). These will work fine but are expensive and heavy …

What do you think about? What’s the best choice in your opinion?

In my experience I think that use win tablet is good for the server …instead of using 2x …




I have used Samsung Galaxy Tab 3,iPhone and ipad. They all work
I think you can use any device it all depends on user choice and scenario… personally I would prefer to have a computers as my server for caller id and other features…

Useful links:

Apple iPad Mini with Pocket Cloud App.

Its compact, light, easy to carry and great battery life.

Thank’s at all Confirm iPad Mini the best choice …