Tablets lose connection with server

I have got 3 tablets running from my server and every now and then they lose connection with the server and it brings up a error message and you have to reset the pos software is there any way you can stop this happening? Its driving me crazy please help!!!

Upgrade / reconfigure network devices to Improve wifi coverage.

Hi GozoGas,
Important is to understand your WiFi network structure and setup
Do U use the same WiFi network as your Free Client WiFi?
Do you have a separate WiFi for your tablets and POS system.
Are all the areas covering a minimum of 80%
Do you use RDP connection?
What server software are you running.
Install repeaters if needed.
Etc. Etc.

Thanks for the reply’s found the problem was the case the tablets were trying to connect to other wifi have fixed them to my POS wifi now.

That could also mean they found a stronger signal. You might still consider boosting your signal. Many routers can use aftermarket higher gain antennas or you could purchase repeaters.

As a general rule the routers with external removable antennas are better purchase considering you can replace them if broken or worn and you can replace with higher performing antennas.