Tag for sale report

This is all wrong… arnt you a reseller?

ya i know it was my idea to find some thing like that those tags are example something i am searching like this

{TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketType=Delivery,T.TotalAmount.sum::{1}}
{TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketType=Mezanine,T.TotalAmount.sum::{1}}
{TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketType=Ground Floor,T.TotalAmount.sum::{1}}

You cant constrain like that. You put constraints in the first :: section

hi i try this but it is giving me total amount it is not breaking.

Because that’s wrong still.
Plus how is that a constraint, there is no =
Generally constraints use different expression that column headers.
Have you bothered looking at forum and how other reports are formatted…

Suggest you start by learning the basic fundamentals of custom reporting module.

i have try all this but did not work for me

If you had read that you wouldn’t have thought either of those attempts were correct.
I cant speil report expressions of top of my head and not near PC to load up samba so cant help much more for time being.
Suggest you go back and read up on reports.

Hi i got help from support now its ok i can see the sale individually.
but i want i wan to see the sale in one row like delivery, ground floor to be in one row.
i have share the tag and screen shot in the screen shot delivery column is blank. please need help for this.

[Item Sales by Department:3, 4, 3, 1, 2, 1]
>Date|Delivery Sale|Mezzanine Sale

Is delivery block capitals? These will be case sensitive.

yes it is capital letters

Judging by your totals row it’s not delivery that’s blank its mezzanine?
Also your columns config in header is 6 roms but you only have 3 data columns.

hi if i take separate its coming but if i merge in one row its not showing sale amount you can see the screen shot.

You can’t do that in one row and include the date. You need a date filter on the second report tag. It won’t pull anything without at least the date column.

I think we have other issues though.

actually i am making individual report for dine in, take away.
this ground floor mezanine is like dine in take away and this is entity screen.
the report will be like example.

date, dine in, takeaway, delivery, zomato, tax, total amount.

You can’t do that of your running two departments and ticket types. You would need to have one department and one ticket type and use maybe a ticket tag to distinguish the two and use a single report tag.

i have only one department and ticket types i have different

Hi when i put this tag it is showing blank actually i want total amount of delivery with tax.
here is the tag i am trying.

[Delivery Grand Total:3,3]
>Date|Delivery Grand Total
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Date,O.ExactTotal.Sum:(TY=DELIVERY),=([O.ExactTotal]+[O.Tax]).Sum}
>Total|{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Date,O.ExactTotal.Sum:(TY=DELIVERY),=([O.ExactTotal]+[O.Tax]).Sum}

Yes that’s wrong syntax.

Hi i have some ticket sub tags for this ticket sub tags i want to make report separate with date and amount and i am trying with this tag and its not working for me it shows blank can any one help me pls.

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:O.Date,T.TotalAmount.Sum:(TT=Zomato)}
>Total |{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TotalAmount.Sum:(TT=Zomato)}