Tag Order On Portion Change - Multiple Price Definitions - Same Price

We have multiple price definitions for products to apply order level happy hour discounts. In some cases the discount can be the same regardless of portion. In this case when I apply the tag order the order tag disappears. This doesn’t happen if the price is different. Any ideas?

Example 1 - Works
IPA.Normal - $1.00 Discount Order Tag
IPA.Pitcher - $2.00 Discount Order Tag

Example 2 - Doesn’t Work
Well.Normal - $1.00
Well.Double - $1.00

In example 2 when you choose double the order tag action removes the tag. Basically its toggling off. Anyway to disable the toggle or do I just have to check for the same value?

The way I get around that is typically I use portion changed event and I have a remove tag action and the apply tag action in that rule.

But that’s interesting I may play around with that.

Good idea. I’ll give that a try.