Takeaway and Dine in on the same bill-

I have a customer using SambaPOS v5 and they have 2 prices for dine in and takeaway (2 separate department). They have the scenario that the dine in customer sometime want to buy takeaway food. I have a read and in the V4 topic said this functions is possible in V5 but I still cannot figure it out how to set it up. Anyone know how to set this up please… Thx


how do you separate those prices? Are they different portions, price definitions? There are more than one way to do what you want, we just need to understand your structure before we can give you advice or guide you in the right direction.

I separate the price by using Price Tag " TA " is Takeaway… and Dine in is the normal price.

And I am guessing you change the price in the New Order Added rule depending on the department you select?

If I were you, i would structure it differently (assuming you dont use departments because of inventory)

  1. I would use different entity screens and different entities or ticket types to adjust prices with New Order added rule using price tags.

  2. Make an automation command using update order action (required selection set as true) to update takeaway price for selected orders in your Dine In tickets

Yes… I use department and set the price tag " TA " for Takeaway price. WOW… your setting sound complicated… I will try to understand… I believe this could work but I still have no idea now to do it…

  1. Automation command “Takeaway Price”
  2. Rule > Automation Command Executed EQUALS Takeaway Price
  3. Actions > Update Order > Takeaway price tag
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Thanks … I will try … :slight_smile: