Talabat & Zomato online order integration

I want to Integrate. Talabat and Zomato Online order system with Sambapos I need once someone order from Talabat or zomato automatically it will come to the delivery screen and printed in the specific printer in the kitchen, Can anyone help me how to do that.


We don’t have support for that right now but we do have a Gloriafood integration and it’s really good. Gloriafood is the best online food ordering system out right now.

We support GloriaFood and RestaJet for now. You can find more information in our website.

Hi , Umair
We as team also interested with Talabat integration. Can you give me a few details about talabat APIs to see if it is possible to develop an integration between talabat and sambapos v5

You can find a lot of example in this post.

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