Tally System on Shell Subtitle?

Installed the multi terminal today and it all connected perfectly with no issues, yay! We also set up the licence! :smiley:

The owner has asked if its possible to get a tally system on how many children are currently in the soft play centre as its an insurance regulation that he only has X amount of children running through the equipment at any one time.

On his tills are 3 different buttons on entry, Under 2, 2 and Over, Adult.

The scenario is, if someone comes in and pays for 1 x under 2, 2x 2 and over and an adult then on a shell subtitle is will show:

Under 2 = 1
2 And Over = 2
Adult = 1
Total = 4

Of course we would have to change it for when they leave, so on the ticket view there would have to be 3 buttons, each removing 1 from the tally when pressed.

Is this something that is possible, and would anyone be willing to guide me in the right direction on how to do this?

Kind regards


When do they pay? coming in not going out right?

Yeah they pay when they come in at the front door.

Then when they leave they press a button on the ticket view and it removes from tally.


Ticket view or entity screen would work depending on your setup.

I would keep the tally in a program setting.
Update the setting increasing up on say ticket close using ticket quantity sum tag (not got exact tag to hand) or depending on your product setup - I’ve if you have different products for specials or different prices add a custom tags for the qty on that product (so if you were to do a family price for 2 adult 2 kids you could have one product with adult item tag 2 and 2 for child and translate these in to so,etching you cam report/tag count on close like states.

Close increases settings based on counts no the buttons decrease.
And set update she
L title on ticket close and those button presses using those program settings for the counts.

There are no family deals. It is literally each person through the door is a product wether it’s a free or not.

So I would create a program setting to tally 1 per product set to maybe [:AdultTally] or [:U2Tally] or [:O2Tally] Then in the rules create a constraint on payment processed that displays the tally in the Shell title?

In automation command set custom values to remove a tally per press…I’m guessing no rules would be needed?

This is just off the top of my head… I’m in bed at the mo, but again… it’ll be the constraints I’ll need help on as I haven’t got my head around them at the moment.


You would obviously need rules :-p
To update the setting values and display/update shell title etc.

Ok. I’ll give it a go tomorrow and see how far I get. Will be back no doubt when I’m stuck.

Thanks for you help