Task screen not refreshing on one terminal


I’m using all brand new same mini PCs for three terminals in a multi terminal setup.

I’m using one as a server and two as a slave. I have two task screens, food and drink which run from the two slaves as extended screens and multi instance setup to show the POS on one screen and either Food or Drink on the other.

Task screens on my POS3 aren’t refreshing automatically, but the screens on my POS2 are. It can’t be the settings on the entity screens as both the screens work fine on POS2 but neither refresh themselves on POS3.

Can anyone have any idea what I’m missing? I’ve rebooted, message server is working on both terminals, it’s really bizarre. I cannot work it out. I have both screens refresh rate set to 1.

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Sounds like a networking issue, not necessary the connection, but it could also be the way your 2 terminals are setup: do they have different computer name? different IP address?

To rule out “Windows” or Router connectivity issues, switch off pos2, change the Samba local settings on pos3 to pretend it is pos2, then restart and see how it goes.

Make sure also that the address for the message server starts with http: and that on the terminal lower left side on Sambapos it says “Connected” in green.

Uh and also check the time on Windows is correct!

Ok so it says connected but they take a minute which is always weird. I’ve never had http://?? Just POS1 (as that’s the terminal they’re connecting to).

Like… always :joy:

All fixed. Message server woes from Q fixed my issue.

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