Tax and Service/1 charge Issues

Hello All,

I have an installation where all my items have SERVICE CHARGE and VAT imputted automatically into bills/Ticket. But i have 2 or more items which does not attract SERVICE CHARGE OR VAT.
Please how do i exempt these item from SERVICE CHARGE OR VAT.

Tax is done through mapping so you would just change tax mapping to only apply to applicable items.
As for service charge it’s a little more complex, calculations are not done through mapping like tax and are defined against a given. Value or rate either from ticket total or value set.
To achive product specific calculation you would need to make the calculation a fix value type and use update calculation action and a report type expression which will return the total of applicable items which you then put through formula for calculation amount.

Dear JTRTech,

Thanks for the enlightenment, i understand the tax mapping very well. but dont really understand what you explained as regards the Service charge.
Please can you kindly explain clearly.
thank you

Service charge is for ticket not individual products.