Tax based on bill total


Hey All…in Canada we have a different tax on prepared food based on bill total. If the total is $4 or less the tax is 5% but $4.01 and above is 13%. How can I make this happen?


Might need to use can lilting rather than tax template so you can ale custom calculations.


I would guess you would need to use a Ticket Calculation for a custom amount and derive the percentage using an expression that looks at the Ticket Total.

That said, unless things have changed in Canada, I assume the 5% is GST (Federal) and always applied, so that portion could stay as a Tax Template, then you derive the other portion (Provincial) to be 8% or 0% based on the Total.


lol autocorrect, was meant to say calculation


Thanks but I don’t know how to do that. I am currently charging 13% on every transaction but I need to only charge 5% if the transaction total is less than 4.01


As @QMcKay suggested.

Create 2 tax accounts. I setup Account Types as Sales Accounts. You can create separate Account Type (like Tax Accounts) if you need.

Create 2 Account Transaction Types for each Tax Accounts.

Both should appear fine here.

Create a Tax Template for permanent GST.

Map it to all products.

Create another tax template for %8 Tax. I named it as PTAX.

Create a new action to apply both Taxes to orders.

Create another one to apply only %5 tax.

Create a rule for %13 tax.

Create another for %5

Here we go.

When ticket total is $3.00 tax amount is $0.15 (%5). When I add more orders and make ticket total $6.00 tax becomes $0.78 (%13).

PS: :bulb: While implementing this I noticed it does not work as expected when we gift an item as action works only for selected orders. There are ways to solve that but for next update (.61) I added a parameter to ignore selected orders and apply order updates to all orders.


wow!! you guys have never let me down. Thanks for the tutorial.
I appreciate it


It works great until I have an item 3.80 or more. Then it ends up adding 13% tax. Maybe it calculates the 5% which makes it above 4. Then calculates the 8% because the new subtotal is above 4


Subtotal would usually be referred to as the net tax price but understand what your saying…
Change the cut off ticket value to account for this or adjust calculation of ticket tots to use {PLAIN TOTAL}.


I’ve tried incresing the 4 to 4.22. But still calculates incorrectly. I’m. It sure where I change it to plain total?


Rather than using the ticket total in drop down use {PLAIN TOTAL}.
Might need to make it TN(’{PLAIN TOTAL’) to make sure it’s number not string since using greater than expression.


I’m really sorry for it skills. Where would I put that?



Thanks Emre. Can you please confirm the stringbi should put there.


It seems to be working.
Thank you all!


Ok. One last thing though. I have some items that have NO Tax. They are now being taxed


You will need to omit them from the Tax Template Mappings.

One way to do this is to ensure non-tax Products all belong to the same GroupCode, which is different than any other Taxable Product GroupCodes.

Then in your Tax Template Mappings, you add several lines/mappings for all GroupCodes (Product Group column) except the GroupCode that is non-taxed.


I have tried that but it is still charging both taxes. It affects gift cards as well


Ok, I can see why this setup does that.

Try this:

Constrain the Actions named Apply 5% Tax and Apply 13% Tax using something like:

'{GROUP CODE}' != 'NameOfNonTaxGroupCode'

If you have more than one GroupCode, then like:

'{GROUP CODE}' != 'NonTaxGroupCode1' && '{GROUP CODE}' != 'NonTaxGroupCode2'


Closer. When I add those constraints to both rules it only charges 5% tax