Tax Calculation Confusion


All products are tax (5%) included i checked the tax included option on tickets.Sub total and total should be same(reduced 5%)So which calculation should i use in ticket template.

The both amount should be 36.19


The both amount?
There are several total expresions. Click the help button under template to show list of expressions.
And look for the likes of subtotal, plain total etc

I think your confused on how tax included works. That ticket is correct.

I think so, I checked this [=F(TN(’{TOTAL PRICE}’)*1.05)]

That’s not how you calculate tax included.

Ok,Menu prices are tax included i checked the tax included option on ticket.But the total amount(PLAIN TOTAL)should be shown 5% diducted amout .how do like that …


So you do 38/105*.05 then subtract that number from 38 that’s your pretax amount.

Yes 36.19 Should come

Taxable Amount:|[=F(TN(’{TOTAL PRICE}’)*1.05)]
VAT Amount 5%:|{TAX TOTAL}

Not Working

No it’s not 36.19 your math is wrong

Could you please guide me how to do that with screenshot…Thanks

Have you tried {PLAIN TOTAL}

Your maths is wrong because if tax is 5% and total is GROOS (including tax) its not total*.05 for the amount of tax as tax is charged at 5% on the net (excluding vat price).
So from GROSS to get NET amount it should be divide by 1.05
To get tax amount from GROSS would be divide by 21 OR divide by 1.05 (for net) then times by 0.05 for tax

Yes I tried PLAIN TOTAL. I want the plain total as i attached invoice 36.19(38/105=0.3619,0.3619*100=36.19,36.19+1.81=38)

36.19 Should Come on the bill as plain total and ticket total…Is it Possible

Why so complex, not listening to me?
If nothing else then do this no?

Taxable Amount:|[=F(TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)/1.05)]
Taxable Amount:|[=F(TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’)/105*100)]