Tax Field for Inventory Items

Dear Emre, and the most awesome SambaPOS Team,

I would request you to please add a Tax field for the Inventory Items in our Inventory module.

It will help us a lot as a lot of items have the rates listed exclusive of taxes in their invoices.

Also, the tax field will be of a great help for us, in calculating the Tax Component of our purchases, which will enable us to get a Tax Refund.

Please do consider my request.



You pay taxes on what you buy? Do you also charge tax to customer?

Sorry im trying to understand what your wanting and why.

It may be possible to do already.

Hello Kendash,

When I buy an item for eg: cooking oil, the purchase invoice would be as follows:

Cooking Oil - 1 Kg - Price: Rs. 200
Tax on Cooking Oil - Rs. 10
Total - Rs. 210

The 10 bucks is refundable from the Govt at the end of the month as per the Value Added Tax Regime.

So, if I had a field for Tax in Inventory Items, it will help in a lot of ways



I’m fairly sure we can automate that now. I won’t be able to look at it for a few days though.

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This is the same way as VAT works in the UK, and likely same as all European countries.

For example in UK, you pay 20% VAT on what you buy from suppliers, you charge 20% VAT (included in price) to customers (some items though may also be 0% VAT). The difference you either have to pay to or get a refund from the government when you do your VAT return, typically every quarter.

I never had anyone ask about this before, but it does make sense. I guess it makes more sense if you are trying to use SambaPOS for all your accounts, which honestly I think most people don’t do and just leave VAT up to their accountant or accounts software.


It’s like SambaPOS turning into an accounting software lol. All it needs now is Bank feeds and we no longer need any other accounting software besides SambaAccounting!

Create a Custom Inventory Item tag called Tax.

Define tax values

Purchase Items

Prepare Report

Sample Report Template

[Purchase Tax:1.4,1, 1, 1.1, 1.1]
>Item|Unit|Tax%|Total Purchase|Tax Total
	:(ITT=Purchase Transaction Type)
:(ITT=Purchase Transaction Type)
:{0}% Total|||{1}|{2}
>{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:[T.TotalPrice.Sum],[([IT.Tax]*[T.TotalPrice]).Sum]/100 :(ITT=Purchase Transaction Type):Total|||{0}|{1}}

You can test it with latest release (5.2.12)


this is an awesome way to do this! my problem is now solved @emre

thanks for this

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@emre Hi I have tried this. But the percentage of tax is not showing in the report

What is $1 And $2.
With what value i should replace it?

I’m sorry to tell you but Emre passed. We are continuing his legacy.


Those numbers correspond to fields. In your example it’s taking field 1(IT.Tax) and field 2(T.TotalPrice.sum)

You put the name as `Tax why did you use the special char?

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Thank you jesse. Actually i was confused. Let me replace it and check it

That was a mistake. Thank you for showing it