Tax inclusive Items

I did a search in the forums to see if I can find anything relating to items which is tax inclusive however all I could find was how to add tax on items. Most POS systems that I have seen and used through the course of my life in Australia(especially food POS systems) I find that whenever a receipt is printed that includes the amount of GST(Goods and Services Tax) which is included in the total amount.

E.G. A item cost $8.00 inc GST. When we go to close the bill, tax inclusive shows $8.80. Theoretically this is correct, however I want it to show something like this.

Item $8.00
GST: $0.80
Total: $8.00

When a customer pays for their item/order the total actual amount for the item is tax inclusive.

Similar to the image below.

Is there a way to set it up like that?

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I am using tax inclusive you need to configure your taxes

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Thanks man, that’s really helpful. Previously when I setup the tax it would ads tax total on top of the total amount rather than just be a part of the total

just a reminder for @Wisefix.

You can surround TOTAL DISCOUNT line with [ and ] chars. So when discount line is 0 that line will not displayed.

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