TAX Integration with our Government FBR Tax Department Software

Hello Sir,
I’m using Samba POS from 2017. It’s a great software, we have not faced any problem at any time during this period but now we are very upset.

The government of Pakistan has tightened the tax system and the tax collection agency FBR has made software integration mandatory with their software. The FBR is enforcing this very strictly. If this is not done, the restaurant is sealed with heavy fines.

Sir, If this is not resolved immediately then we have to leave the Samba POS which would be very painful for us. Please find a quick fix for this problem and guide us.

Thank you.

I’m sorry, but the only ones you should be upset with are your government. SambaPOS operate worldwide but cannot just implement functionality for every new tax scheme a government starts using. SambaPOS is not at fault here.

We have already implemented similar tax integrations for other countries, however this is not something that can be done “immediately” and any development takes time and needs to fit within the roadmap with other ongoing developments.

Please understand you cannot just demand a third party to implement a solution “immediately” just because your government has enforced something. I’m sure this is not just a new thing that appeared today and was unknown yesterday, however you never felt the need to request this functionality until it has become urgent for you. There is no “quick fix” to such types of integrations, and they take time like I mentioned earlier.

I have changed your post category to a V5 Request as it is not a V5 Issue as it isn’t any issue with the software.


You said right. I understand that we cannot say any international company to work immediately because they have lot of demands.

But understanding one thing is important for you that you can only act according to the laws and orders of the state. So we have to follow the policy of the government and this happens all over the world.

The TAX collection department (FBR) has issued its document so that developers can understand and integrated it easily.

I run the restaurant, Your representative convinced me to use Samba and I am very happy with Samba.
This integration is not just for me, More people in Pakistan will be using Samba POS they will also need it and new customers will be demand in the future.

I’ve realized that you are angry with me on using of word “immediately”. Please do not mind I know your engagements, but I am also forced by the government’s strictures.

Hope you understand me.

There is no doubt that this integration is in dire need at this time so please provide some possible guideline so that we can integrate with FBR. @sehar is right, Notice has also been sent to my restaurant from FBR.

We have a lot of needs of 185 countries. We will add it to our roadmap. I can not share when it will be finished but we will build it.

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Thanks sir, I know you have a lot of work But try that if it is resolved on priority basis.

The FBR issue is with me too. Obviously your team is working on it but please let us know the time required for the integration so that we can take time from the FBR. Thanks.

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I am pretty sure someone here on the forum at some point posted something about syncing invoices with remote tax servers and generating a QR code for authentication for Pakistan, I just cant remember who or in which thread.

Maybe something worth looking into in the meantime?


Found it, do note that this is 3rd party integration and its not official integration by SambaPOS. Hope it helps


The first thing is that Its a third party application and And it is not appropriate for us to share our tax matters with an unauthorized company and it should work in our own software Samba POS. This integration is not for a single customer who can buy any other third party application, this is for all Samba POS users in Pakistan. So we have to work on this. But still, I would like to thank you that you gave us time for our needs.

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Every link I’ve tried from FBR’s website relating to documentation or software they provide times out and the sandbox URL I found times out as well. If those sites are region-locked to Pakistan, it’s going to be super difficult for the devs to integrate.

Would someone in Pakistan try these links and see if they’re working:

There may be a problem with the website. Anyway, I am sharing some documents with you.
This document will give you some information about this system۔
FiscSolution_03-12-2019.pdf (1.6 MB)

This document is important because we have to integrate accordingly. Its Called Technical Document.
Technical Documentation For FBR Integration.pdf (5.6 MB)
Hopefully by looking at this document you will understand the system. It also describes the process of FBR registration and then the integration process I will do the registration process and if you say so I will give you the POS ID privately. Then you will see the Integration Guidelines that I don’t know much about. For this I need help from the forum.

I am uploading IMS software provided by FBR (4.0 MB)

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thanks for pointing out our solution.
the only purpose of making this solution was to enable vendors achieve the compliance with tax authority. Most of the software being used here were built outside the country and they are not quick enough to provide an integration, for many valid reasons.

of-course it would be great to have an integration built-in the POS software.
Our solution is a last resort kind of solution where you cannot have support in POS.

best regards,


we absolutely do not collect any data.
all data stays either on client’s PC OR it’s sent to FBR.
that’s it.

best regards,

how much charges for your software to integrate samba pos with FBR?

contact us at AuraSofts d.t c0m

I have tried to contact you through your website as you told but you did not respond my email.

I’ve been researching about integration for FBR for some days. But no support was provided by the support team. And final notice has been received from the Government. Even then, if we did not integrate FBR with Samba POS, the Government can shut down restaurants with heavy fines. XeeChaun said thtat they have third party software for this solution and for that he said to contact them from their official website and I do but no response.

@mehmet I see your videos on YouTube and i know you can do it so please help me. Thanks

As punishment my restaurant has been sealed for 2 days by Federal Board Of Revenue FBR. I am in big trouble and I request all members if anyone can help me to integrate my Samba POS with FBR. If someone want to provide me paid service I will pay but please help me to solve my problem.

Hello. Did you find a solution to this problem?