Tax Menu Item Indicator in Menu Template

Hello Team,

I have two questions

  1. In our region, we need to display the extra character while printing the ticket. The character will be based on whether the menu item have tax or not.

Is it possible to be done through the printing template ?

  1. I would like to display

Quantity, Menu Item Name, Price, Line Total

in a single line without using spaces ?

Please let me know. It will be really helpful

@emre, @Jesse, @RickH, @QMcKay

Please help me sir

You could do this with custom product tags so everytime you setup a new item you select the tax code letter from a drop down box

For all current items you would have to manually go back to each one and assign the code

You could then print that tag on the receipt as you need

Have a search for custom product tags

This is one way i know of there may be other ways, hooe that helps :slight_smile:

EDIT heres the link


Any other option for second question ?

For ordering them on the receipt, so long as there is enough space you can format all those options to be on the same line, just but all the tags next to each other on one line

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oh sorry emre… i will not do hereafter.

How do you tell Sambapos which items are taxed and which are not? Mapping?

You can try this:

Under [ORDERS] put this:


Yes Kendash

I will be doing through Mapping

Is it a Tax Template? Do the items that are not using this tax need a symbol? Or is it just the taxed items?

EDIT: Never mind i see you have zero and standard rated so you would want it for non taxed. Is it always same items or can some items vary?

@shmoulana Since you are using mapping there is really no need for Custom Product tags. Just name your tax templates S and Z then put this under [ORDERS]


EDIT: Wait that might not work one moment. Let me do some testing.

OK Yes this will not work in fact the Product Tags might be a good option I was trying to figure out an easier method vs having to flag each item.