Tax Only on Specific Items

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The method Rick H suggested can work(I have yet to try but based on what he has written it makes sense it can work). When I setup tax for items in the Tax section… By default it applies to all items. Is there no easier way to not apply tax to specific items?

Imagine a menu with over 40-100 items on their menu(More if you set up inventory) and only 1 or 2 items may be tax free such as bottled water or fresh made bread. If i were to make it specific I would have to add each category and then in the specific category which has the item I don’t want tax to be applied for, I would have to add all the items except that 1 specific item. A very time consuming method.
I’ll try providing a screenshot of what I mean later on.
Is there a known way besides the use of product tag?

As with most mapping options then can only be applied positively not negatively.
Surely product tag would be easy, TAX/NOTAX?

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Yes I suppose, I don’t mind having to live with it. I just thought maybe another way is possible.
Product Tags is fine, I can work with that. Thanks for the input :slight_smile: