Taxable Amount and Applied Tax

Is there a way to deal with taxable amounts?

For example
Product is 100$,
Taxable amount is 20% of the 100$.
And Tax is 3%.

I tried entering 0.006 as Rate in Tax Template, but it doesn’t calculate it at all.
So the 100$ * 0.2 * 0.03 = 0.6$

I’m not sure if this post will help. The title does not match the topic (back in my noob days lol). My area has 3 decimal places for sales tax. Sadly, this is only interaction I had with @Emre before he passed away.

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Apparently entering 0.6 as rate worked out because SambaPOS converted it into 0.006 multiplier in its tax calculation.

So if a product is 100$ it would multiply it by 0.006 and result is 0.6$ tax. For 3$ beer, it would be 0.018 or 0.02 if rounded (depending on the number of Database and Rate decimals in Program Setting).

Which is exactly what I need.