Template for barcodes data matrix or pdf417

Hello all Sambapos supporters,
I just wonders how to printout template for barcodes DATA MATRIX or PDF417?
I tried to replace but it didn’t work.
Do you have any other solutions?

Thanks for your understanding

We support QR codes, and simple barcodes. We currently do not support those two barcode formats.

  • <BAR> Prints bar code in code 128 format. <BAR>123456789
    • Supports 13,39,08,93,11,25 barcode types. <BAR13> prints Ean13 format.
  • <QR> Prints QR Code. <QR>ABCDEFG
    • x: Bitmap size. [1-9]
    • y: Error Correction. [1-4] <QR23>55aa

Thanks Jesse,
It’s good to know for my experience with Sambapos system

Your welcome please remember to look at kb.sambapos.com for our knowledge base.