Temporary names for tables

Is it somehow possible to give a temporary name to an occupied table?
I use sambapos in a bar and not every costumer stays at his table so it would be easy to give a table a name like john, mark, guy with hat, … and to see this given name in the display screen instead of m12 or b10, …
and when the table is open again the name would disappear and becomes m12 or b10… again


For bar terminal you can try implementing this setup.

Create new department and set Ticket Creation Method as Create Ticket.

Save it, Logout & Login and you’ll see additional department button under screen.

Clicking on it will directly take you to ticket screen. You can sell without the need of choosing a table. Or you can assign this ticket to a table by clicking Select Table button.

You’ll notice you won’t be able to close ticket without settling it or choosing a table. We’ll use ticket tags to tag tickets.

Now create a ticket tag configuration for bar department.

Enable Free Tagging and disable Save Free Tags. You can setup some default tags if needed.

Finally we’ll map it to Bar department.

Hold button should appear on Bar screen.

Add some items inside ticket and click Hold button.

Type Guy with hat…

… click update button.

Tag should appear under ticket.

Now you can close ticket without settling it or choosing a table.

Create more tickets and tag them.

When you click Hold button when there is no active ticket on screen you’ll see active tickets and the total amount of them.

Tap one of them to display that ticket.


Thanks Emre, exactly what I need!
Works like a charm!

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@emre I never realised such a way of using the ticket tag. you’re like a wizard of sambaPOS :smiley:

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